Provisional Restorations Vs Temporary Crowns

Part I

Have you ever had a crown prep by a dentist only to have a temporary crown placed that doesnt fit and looks like the original broken down crown? And for the next two weeks you complain that the temporary constantly falls off and the tooth is sensitive?

Many dentists look at temporary crowns as just that: Temporary.  Hey, why should I spend a lot of chairtime  on a temporary that I will throw away in two weeks.

I have a completely different approach to providing  coverage to a crown prep:  Provisional Restorations

As the name doesn’t imply, there is nothing temporary about the restoration. As a matter of fact, provisional restorations  provide important functions which ensure the success of the final restoration. The provisional restoration provides thermal protection, positional protection and restores form and function to the tooth while the permanent crown is fabricated. It should look and feel as good as the permanent crown and provisional restorations facilitate an easy delivery of the final restoration.

In Part II,  I will show you how I fabricate a provisonal restoration in the lab and not in the patients mouth and why this is a superior treatment approach.


By: Brian R. Guldbek, D.D.S.