CAPT Brian Guldbek Assumes Command of the 4th Dental Battalion

On Dec 8, 2013 CAPT Brian Guldbek assumed command of the 4th Dental Battalion, 4th Marine Logistics Group, Marine Force Reserve.  The primary mission of Marine Corps dentistry is to ensure the dental readiness and optimize the dental health of Marine forces.  In an operational environment, dental will provide emergency dental care and, when the mission allows, provide essential non-emergency care to include:  providing dental treatment as far forward as required to eliminate or reduce the effect of dental disease and injury on mission accomplishment, preventing oral disease, and promoting dental heath.  The field dental care system maintains the dental readiness of the deployed force by preventing and treating dental disease and injury.  To accomplish this, dental support is based on a task-organized, flexible structure that responds to rapidly changing conditions across the continuum of missions to provide the required level of dental care.  This task-organized support is based on the size of the unit supported, length of deployment, mission (MOOTW, low intensity conflict, war), and other dental support requirements.


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