Not All Impressions Are Created Equal

Take a look at the following video of a dental impression for a three unit bridge sent to a prominent national dental lab by another dentist.

 Click on link below to start video…(takes a few seconds to start)

 Bad impression video3

bad impression 2

Still photo from video of bad impression


bad impression

Another still photo from video of bad impression



As I have said many times before, attention to detail is critical in dentistry. This  is never more true than with final impressions for a crown or bridge.

Brian Guldbek DDS  Impression

Single Tooth Impression By Brian R. Guldbek, D.D.S.

This is a photo of one of my  impressions for a single crown.   Notice that the flow material discussed in the video completely covers the entire arch. The cuff around the prep is fully distinguishable and continuous.

Taking extra steps to ensure we capture a perfect impression to assure success in the case. From previous blogs you know that I never take impressions the same day I prep the teeth. I spend time fabricating a provisional restoration at the prep appointment  which allows the tissue to heal so when we impress the preps the tissue is healthy, doesnt bleed and I am in control of the entire process. I always take full arch impressions and opposing full arch impressions to provide the lab all the information they need to guarantee success.





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