Good Crowns Vs Bad Crowns …..What to Look For


Dentistry is both a science and an art.  A good dentist must have the skills and attention to details in order to deliver a quality restoration. This is never more true than when it comes to crowns and bridges. Here are some guidelines as to what makes a good crown vs a bad crown.

 Qualities of a Good Crown:

  • Perfect fit at the margins and to the adjacent teeth
  • Proper emergence profile of the crown from the gum line
  • Excellent contact between the neighboring teeth
  • Excellent occlusion, i.e the fir of the crown to the opposing teeth
  • Excellent color to match natural teeth

Qualities of a Bad Crown:

  • Poor fit- this results in recurrent decay, sensitivity and ultimate failure of the crown
  • Over contoured crown- this results in inflammation of the gum tissue, gum disease and movement of the crown by muscle forces
  • No contact between the adjacent teeth-results in movement and tipping of the crown
  • Poor color and not natural looking

  Examples of Good Crowns

Good Crown

Excellent Esthetics

good crown 2

Proper Shape and Contour



Proper Contact and Contour

Excellent Crown Interior


Examples of Bad Crowns

Bad Crown

Overcontoured Tooth

Bad Crown

Unnatural Contours and Occlusion


bad crown3

Poor Esthetics







Bad Crown

Poor Color and Contour




















Now you know what a good crown should look like and how it should fit to the tooth.   A good crown requires a high degree of skill and attention to details which creates the correct outcome.



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