Why I Dont Take Impressions the Same Day I Do a Crown Prep

Many of patients ask me why I dont take the final impression for a crown or bridge the same day as I prepare the tooth or teeth. They invariably say “My previous dentist did everything at the same appointment, why do I have to come back and get numbed again and spend another hour in the dental chair?”

Fair question and here’s my answer:

Its all about control of the process, provisionalization, accuracy and final fit of the restoration. We have already talked out provisionalization and why I feel thats important (Click here for blog on provisionalization) and why I spend more time on the provisional restoration so tooth position is maintained and the gum tissue around the prep heals and is healthy prior to taking the impression. Most dentists who take their impressions the same day as they prep are invariably fighting bleeding and sulcus fluid which compromises the accuracy of the impression.  It has been estimated that 80-85% of all dental impressions sent to dental laboratories are inadequate for various reasons.

I would rather control the process by taking a little extra time and effort to assure that when I take my final impressions the field is dry and the tissue is healthy so when I pack my cord I get  perfect tissue retraction and a subsequent 100% accurate impression and permanent crown back from the lab.


By: Brian Guldbek, D.D.S.


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