Dental Visit with Dr. David Newkirk in Naperville

Part III of My Dental Journey

I had my comprehensive patient visit with Dr. David Newkirk in Naperville yesterday  to discuss the restorative options for my fractured front tooth.  He provided a very thorough exam as well as taking extensive intra and extra-oral photos so that we could sit down and discuss  the case.  His entire staff was very  friendly,  accomodating and made me feel comfortable. 

Treatment planning was complicated because  the periodontist felt an immediate implant was not indicated and that a bone graft was needed , so we needed to decide how we would temporize #9 during the 8 week healing period after the bone graft was placed.  In the end, we decided that we would restore four of my front teeth with two crowns and two veneers  to re-create harmony in my smile.

Next up, Dr. Newkirk will prepare #8 for a crown and fabricate a splinted lab processed provisional restoration for #8 and an ovate pontic for #9  to facilitate bone and tissue contours for the implant. I’m so glad I wont have to wear a flipper with a tooth for 8 weeks!!

Thanks Dr. Newkirk

By: Brian R Guldbek, D.D.S.

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