I Wish I Could Go to Me!

Even dentists need dental care. Last august, I fell 10 feet from an extension ladder (really, the ladder fell and I went with it) while painting my garage. I know, I’ve heard it a thousand times, you can afford to hire someone, but I was taught by my father that if you can do something for yourself, you should. Enough of that!

I thought it would be beneficial ( both to my patients as well as myself ) to share my dental experience as I go through removing my front tooth and having an implant placed. As you can see from this photo, tooth #9 was completely fractured off.


Three days after the fall









Luckily , the day that this picture was taken, my brother in law Don said, lets go and see if we can find your tooth.  We unfolded the beige tarp that I had under the ladder and despite the beige paint all over the tarp I immediately spotted my tooth as if I had a cosmic connection to it.

I saw the dentist , Dr. David Newkirk in Naperville, several days later and he determined that the tooth was non- restorable and that  an implant was indicated. Luckily he was able to temporarily bond my tooth back in place. Thanks Don and Dave!

Next stop, the periodontist. Dr. David McClenahan in Libertyville  for an Implant Consult.


By: Brian R. Guldbek, D.D.S.

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