Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Dr. and Mrs Guldbek…9 Years!


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Fleet Marine Force Oral Board

Dr. Guldbek  will be serving as a board examiner on the Marine Forces Reserve Surgeons  FMFQO Oral Board this Thursday in New Orleans. CDR Guldbek earned his FMFQO in October 2011.

The Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Qualified Officer Insignia is earned by Navy officers assigned to the Fleet Marine Forces of the U.S. Marine Corps who have successfully completed the necessary requirements including serving for one year in a Marine Corps command, completing a written test, passing the Marine PFT, and an oral board conducted by FMF qualified officers. The FMF Qualified Officer Insignia is most commonly earned by staff officers in the medical fields.


FMFQO Device

The FMFQO insignia is a metal device depicting the eagle, globe and anchor (EGA) atop two crossed rifles on a background of ocean swells breaking on a sandy beach atop a scroll with the words “Fleet Marine Force.”

The EGA makes a clear statement that the wearer is a member of the Navy/Marine Corps team. The crossed rifles symbolize the rifleman ethic of the Marine Corps; every Marine is a rifleman, just as every Sailor is a firefighter and damagecontrolman aboard ship and submarine. The surf and sand represent the “littoral zone,” the coastal regions where Sailors have served alongside Marines as they earned their reputation and world’s respect — “the shores of Tripoli” and the “sands of Iwo Jima.


By: Brian R Guldbek D.D.S.

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“Would You Want This In Your Mouth”


If you remember in an earlier blog I stated that 80% of all dental impressions sent to labs are inferior and/or inadequate. In a continuing series I will be presenting real cases sent to dental labs by other dentists to help educate patients so they can make informed decisions concerning their dental health.

I have talked about why I don’t take impressions the same day I prep teeth because I want to be in control when I take the impression. I also take full arch impressions even for single crowns because I can properly articulate the opposing model and capture function. Unfortunately to save time and money, most dentists use “Triple Trays” which capture only 1/3 to 1/2 of the dental arch, are very flimsy and provide no functional movements. These Triple Trays in my opinion are sub optimal for quality dentistry and are only convienent and less costly for the dentist using them.  Most crown fees within a geographic area are very similar regardless of the dentist, materials and lab that they use. Why wouldnt you go to a dentist that pays attention to the details, uses the best materials and lab?


Impression 2 orange

Triple Tray Impression

This was a triple tray impression sent to a lab for a single crown. The light body syringable material is not even properly set.  Margins of the prepared tooth are indistinguishable.

 Here is the impression poured in dental stone that the lab will use to fabricate the crown.

pour orange 2

Model of Prep

pour orange

Close up of Model

Notice the orange unset impression material  and bubbles on the model. I cant see one margin that the lab needs to finish the new crown.

Would you want your crown made from this impression?



By: Brian R. Guldbek, D.D.S.

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Extraction and Bone Graft #9

Part IV contd of My Dental Journey

Yesterday I spent two hours with Dr. David McClenahan at North Shore Periodontics in Libertyville (http://www.northsuburbanperio.com) to remove #9 and place a bone graft in preparation for an implant.

All I can say is WOW. Despite the fact that I was loosing my front tooth, Dr. Mclenahan and his assistant made me feel comfortable and put me at ease from beginning to end. I can honestly say that I felt absolutely nothing, even Dr. McClenahans shot technique was remakable. As the procedure progressed Dr. McClenahan explained everything and the final result was more than I could have hoped for. I have had zero post op pain and I mean zero!

I truly believe that personal relationships between a doctor and patient are the cornerstone in the healthcare setting. This sets the stage for the patient to be comfortable and feel well cared for which leads to the best outcome. I said at the beginning of these blogs that “I wish I could go to me because I wanted to feel comfortable and cared for but now I can honestly say that “I’m glad I went to Dr. McClenahan”.

Thank you  Dr. McClenahan and his entire staff for taking such good care of me.



By: Brian R. Guldbek, D.D.S.



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My Upcoming Extraction…..

Part IV of My Dental Journey

Wednesday May 8 I will have my front tooth extracted and a bone graft placed by Dr. David McClenahan in Libertyville.  There will be an eight week healing period of the graft before the implant can be placed. The plan is to  temporarily bond the extracted crown of #9 by Dr. Mclenahan in the extraction site to serve as an ovate pontic to shape the bone and tissue during the healing process. I will have a flipper with a denture tooth made just in case the bonding does’nt hold for the full eight weeks. Cant be seeing patients with no front tooth!!

Keep you posted on how the appointment goes!



By: Brian R. Guldbek, D.D.S.

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