2100 Year Old Egyptian Mummy..And You Thought You Had Dental Problems

Researchers using Computerized Tomography Scans on the head of a 2100 year old Egyptian Mummy were stunned to see the level of dental problems as well as unique treatment for a seriously decayed molar.  The scans show evidence of  severe wear ( due to diet), severe cavities and a sinus infection due to multiple abscessed teeth.

Dentistry was common in ancient Egypt but the use of medicated linen in this case has led researchers to believe there was the existence of Dental Specialists practicing interventional medicine.

They determined that this was a wealthy young man in his 20s or early 30′s but could not determine a cause of death. Experts say the pain the man suffered would have been excruciating and would have posed a serious health risk. There is another account of a mummified Pharaoh whose cause of death was determined to be from a septicemia caused by a seriously infected molar.


Panorex showing severe decay


CT Scan


By Brian R. Guldbek, D.D.S.

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Why I Dont Take Impressions the Same Day I Do a Crown Prep

Many of patients ask me why I dont take the final impression for a crown or bridge the same day as I prepare the tooth or teeth. They invariably say “My previous dentist did everything at the same appointment, why do I have to come back and get numbed again and spend another hour in the dental chair?”

Fair question and here’s my answer:

Its all about control of the process, provisionalization, accuracy and final fit of the restoration. We have already talked out provisionalization and why I feel thats important (Click here for blog on provisionalization) and why I spend more time on the provisional restoration so tooth position is maintained and the gum tissue around the prep heals and is healthy prior to taking the impression. Most dentists who take their impressions the same day as they prep are invariably fighting bleeding and sulcus fluid which compromises the accuracy of the impression.  It has been estimated that 80-85% of all dental impressions sent to dental laboratories are inadequate for various reasons.

I would rather control the process by taking a little extra time and effort to assure that when I take my final impressions the field is dry and the tissue is healthy so when I pack my cord I get  perfect tissue retraction and a subsequent 100% accurate impression and permanent crown back from the lab.


By: Brian Guldbek, D.D.S.


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Dental Visit with Dr. David Newkirk in Naperville

Part III of My Dental Journey

I had my comprehensive patient visit with Dr. David Newkirk in Naperville yesterday  to discuss the restorative options for my fractured front tooth.  He provided a very thorough exam as well as taking extensive intra and extra-oral photos so that we could sit down and discuss  the case.  His entire staff was very  friendly,  accomodating and made me feel comfortable. 

Treatment planning was complicated because  the periodontist felt an immediate implant was not indicated and that a bone graft was needed , so we needed to decide how we would temporize #9 during the 8 week healing period after the bone graft was placed.  In the end, we decided that we would restore four of my front teeth with two crowns and two veneers  to re-create harmony in my smile.

Next up, Dr. Newkirk will prepare #8 for a crown and fabricate a splinted lab processed provisional restoration for #8 and an ovate pontic for #9  to facilitate bone and tissue contours for the implant. I’m so glad I wont have to wear a flipper with a tooth for 8 weeks!!

Thanks Dr. Newkirk

By: Brian R Guldbek, D.D.S.

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My New Assistant

Am I getting older or are they getting younger?


Young Vince Lombardo helping me with his Dad, Mark Lombardo



By: brian R. Guldbek, D.D.S.

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Implant Consultation

Part II Of My Dental Journey

Last week I had my implant consultation with Dr. David McClenahan at North Shore Periodontics in Libertyville. Initial treatment plan was for an immediate implant after extraction of my fractured front tooth. This way I could have a temporary placed the same day as the surgery ( dont want to walk around without a front tooth). However, because the tooth is rotated  the bone is very thin in front and Dr. McClenahan was concerned that there was  insufficient bone to place an immediate implant. He wants to place a bone graft  into the extraction site and let it heal approximately 8 weeks prior to placement of the implant.

This unfortunately complicates the temporization of the missing tooth during the 8 week healing period. So its off to Dr. David Newkirk in Naperville in two weeks to decide our course of action.  Stay tuned!



By: Brian R. Guldbek, D.D.S.

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